25 Sep 2019 Developers of plugins: If you are a developer, and want to add your work to the UAS, then IceFilms Dead and gone; IPTV · ITV Player (UK). 19 Jul 2019 IceFilms. If you are a Roku user, this plugin is a must-have on your Plex server. IceFilms sources various TV shows and movies from Roku  23 Apr 2014 mklink "C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.icefilms\rpdb2.py" "C:\ Python27\Scripts\rpdb2.py". For Windows XP, Vista 4 Jan 2015 plugin.video.icefilms-1.6.0.zip Was wondering if it is possible adding the Icefilms Metadata Container onto Blackhole XBMC Icefilms?

9 Jul 2019 Why is IceFilms Kodi addon so popular? Many wonder the same and the answer is quite simple, really. IceFilms has been around for many years.

20 Apr 2011 [UPDATE Jan 21st 2012] If Icefilms is not working for you please check out this new guide on XBMC plugins (Icefilms alternative) lets you to 

( verdwijnt na registratie ) kijk hier maar eens naar op deze site houden ze icefilm plugin bij leek me erg handig. de laatste werk weer als een speer anarchintosh-projects - Revision 153: /addons/plug

I will wait abit looking forward to trying and get icefilms working again. Are you having to put a proxy in for it to work in uk great plugin keep up  rDownload the special plugins such as IPTV and Icefilms for Plex.\r\rDownload plugins here: \r\rThe code for a Plex channel is contained within a directory  9 Jun 2018 username: iceballs. repository.iceballs-x.x.x.zip & plugin.video.icefilms.x.x.x.zip. Neptune Rising. username: mrblamo420. files: repository  10 Apr 2012 IceFilms is back and ready to increase the “awesome sauce” of your Apple TV! If you are one of our many fans with XBMC installed on their  29. Apr. 2013 more features,the plugin is self adaptable and iptv feeds are updated from the plugin itself. New -dailymotion added to netmedia -icefilm added  Hej, Icefilm är underbart till ATV2 men hur får man undertexter till filmerna ? Därefter, beroende hur du har konfigurerat undertext-plugin:et,